Advice for every business owner in the Corona period (8 very important tips)

Advice for every business owner in the Corona period (8 very important tips)

Advice for every business owner in the Corona period
Advice for every business owner in the Corona period
The period of the spread of Corona virus witnessed total atrophy and paralysis in the body of business and the economy. 

And therefore it was necessary to develop and update the strategies pursued by business owners to keep pace with developments in the business world during the current period.

And we will share with you in this article a set of best tips to take during that difficult period.

Tips that will be very helpful in corona if you are an employer

1- Set aside more time for reflection

Set aside more time for reflection
Set aside more time for reflection
Thinking, it sounds boring and exhausting, doesn't it? But it is an important skill to possess, other than your specialty.

Here is a small challenge; Bring a pen and paper and start writing down problems or obstacles you want to find solutions to, and then do some research or opinion polls to find those solutions.

For example, what are the opportunities currently available in the market to exploit it? Or where are the gaps that audiences want to find solutions that my own business can offer them? Or how will I run my business in the coming weeks or months?

Given the volatile conditions we are going through, things will not return to what they were completely before that crisis, and it may take a few years to return exactly as it was, given the many changes that have occurred in the world.

Such as changing the nature of the work environment from being interactive face to face to being across the Internet from home, or the emergence of new habits developed by others by staying in their homes for a long time.

As well as the ratio of supply and demand in the market, and other factors affecting the progress of the marketing process for any product.

So, you must make sure that you form a steady ground for your business within that transformed mold, and never stop thinking about adapting to the variables.

An idea you can apply Create a survey about the services your audience is looking for, and start working on the service with the highest vote.

2- Do not panic or fear, and you will lose everything!

2- Do not panic or fear, and you will lose everything!
Do not panic or fear, and you will lose everything!
Whatever services or products you offer in the market, there is no doubt that you have noticed a decrease in your purchasing movement under the current circumstances, and we do not know how long or when it will end.

It is completely normal and acceptable that you should not stir your fear or fear that you will touch the bottom and lose control and stand helpless, and you will end up in the bottom really.

You should know that it is a global crisis that affects everyone, not only your business, and you from an entrepreneur who emerged from a similar crisis to sit on the throne of business ... only because he did not panic and mold his business to keep pace with the new economic changes.

This is not the end of the world. It happened before 2008-2009 the period known as the global recession, and the world was able to rise again eventually.

Instead of panic and pessimism, focus your effort on updating your strategy, anticipating some loss and stagnation, and setting achievable goals that are commensurate with the current situation.

And try to keep your business as far away from the risk indicator as possible.

All challenges and circumstances always bring greater opportunities and outcomes for those who exploit them in a correct way.

You have to remain on the alert, keeping your business position in good condition, to take advantage of these opportunities, which are often accompanying the beginning of the market recovery.

3- Make your offers suitable for the current circumstances

Have you noticed all those TV ads recently that seem irrelevant to the current situation? While the salary of some decreases and the salary of others stops, companies do not hesitate to compete to maintain the prices of their usual products.

Some have even increased and multiplied in order to compensate for the recession, but it is a completely wrong trend.

The current circumstances require you to try to survive and survive, not a stage of prosperity that enables you to make a profit.

In such circumstances, successful marketers understand that there is no point in continuing with normal marketing ... If consumers are unable to buy at the present time, the trend should be to lower prices and turn to discounts and coupons.

Practical steps:

Apply some small discounts to your product and note the change in the purchase rate. Do you tend to rise? The drop? Persistence? If there is no change, then apply it to other products then this product may not be popular at this time.

And if there is no change as well, the discount rate may not be attractive enough. Try to apply a higher percentage of the discount, and do not worry. Some buyers are consumers with the privilege.

They cannot resist the temptation to buy simply because of the idea of ​​a discount, regardless of percentage or circumstances.

4- Create more content

Create more content
Create more content
Now more than ever, most people spend more than half of their day browsing the internet, especially social media platforms, and therefore expect more content to fill those extra hours.

This means that there is more opportunity for your content to reach the largest number of audiences in a shorter time compared to any earlier time, in short, it is your best time to create more content.

For example, you can increase the number of posts that you post on your pages on social media, you can address more topics and provide advice of interest to your audience.

If your product specializes in hair care, a topic such as "Let dry hair in the summer by applying only 5 simple steps" will attract the attention of your followers.

Or, you can create short opinion polls and promise a discount coupon for your participants.

It is worth noting that you do not always have to promote your products or services in every piece of content that you publish.

But you can also provide general advice in your field, or provide entertaining publications within your field as well.

You can make some informative publications on Corona as your contribution to increase public awareness (but you must be careful to check the accuracy of what you publish).

Showing support for your audience will increase your loyalty to your brand.

Creating content here does not necessarily mean text posts and pictures, but video is also very important in the world of content making.

It is more attractive and effective than any other type of content. Also, the content industry is not only limited to social media, but you can, for example, create a blog for your brand.

5- Evaluate your marketing strategy

Evaluate your marketing strategy
Evaluate your marketing strategy
Many people ask why their marketing plans don't work or why marketing doesn't work with them properly.

The answer here lies in the followed marketing stages, which must take place in an orderly and organized manner, and one of them must not be skipped either.

You should be well aware that professional marketing must go through three different stages, and this is an explanation for each stage:

1- Product awareness stage

At this stage, your goal should be to draw the public’s attention to the product or service you provide. At this stage, you must work to make your product appear in front of the largest number of target audiences.

The goal here is not to achieve sales, but the goal is to inform the public that there is a wonderful product in the market, through which one can solve a problem of their problems or achieve something they want.

2- The qualification phase for purchasing decision

Now your target audience knows about your product or service, and they are hungry for more information about this product.

Indeed, he thinks of it as a product on the market and can be bought if it is in the quality and specifications that it wants.

At this point, you must work to provide all possible information about the product or service you provide, you must answer the questions of the target customers, and you must show your competitive advantages of your product.

Be aware that the audience’s buying step comes as a result of having the impression and a complete picture of your product and what it can provide solutions to their problems.

It is worth noting here that the audience usually does not reveal his questions and doubts directly, and therefore you should explore them with adequate interaction with the audience in the first stage of your marketing plan.

In fact, the decision to watch and promote your promotional content does not take a few minutes for the audience, but on the contrary, the decision to spend money on the product is accompanied by a lot of procrastination and hesitation.

Here if your content cannot reach the audience’s depth of mind and answer all of its questions, it will not make the purchase decision in the first place.

3- The purchasing decision stage

At this stage, it is assumed that your target audience has become eligible to make a purchase decision, you have already defined it to the above.

Then I built bridges of trust, introducing him to the advantages of your product and its competitiveness with other similar products.

What your audience needs at this stage is some incentive to make the purchase decision, this digging can be a price discount or an increase in the quantity, or it could be other side features (such as free maintenance for example).

When evaluating the effectiveness of your approach to marketing your product, it is important to rank your papers according to each of the previous three phases and record the statistics for each stage.

For example, by reading the numbers and comparing them with the previous month’s numbers, for example, you will be able to know the gap in your plan that is not known at which stage you are and follow the correct tools to move to the next stage.

For example:

If you notice that your vulnerability lies in the number of potential audiences, this means that you could not attract their attention, and therefore you should try to understand the target audience more, and understand the problems it faces to provide appropriate solutions.

Or maybe the audience has not yet been able to understand and understand your product and its solutions, and then you have to work on presenting your product in more detail with a different and attractive template.

6- Try selling online

Indeed, the Corona crisis has greatly affected the physical and financial side of many, but the fear of mixing is an independent and self-standing reason to prevent your potential customers from buying at the moment.

Yes, there are many of your potential customers who still have the ability to buy at the time of corona.

The only thing that prevents them from making the purchase decision is fear of mixing that may transmit to them an infection of corona.

If you can provide solutions to these customers, they may purchase what they offer of products or services, and these solutions that you can offer to your potential customers:

  • Building an electronic store to sell all of the above products through the internet completely.
  • Provide home delivery service.
  • Providing online payment services.
  • Providing accurate information about the products offered, this includes pictures, videos and texts, so that the customer makes the purchase decision completely before going to implement the purchase.
I think you have a lot of options on this point regardless of your business type and size.

7- Do more advertising campaigns online

Many business owners have stopped running ad campaigns at this time, because they may have problems with liquidity due to lower sales.

Or, because they believe that the best option in the time of Corona is to stop where they are currently, and not to make marketing decisions until the crisis ends.

If you are experiencing a liquidity problem due to low sales, you may have some excuse not to run ad campaigns, but if the fear is just what is stopping you then let me not right.

Let me tell you why you need to do more ad campaigns today:

  • The crisis will inevitably end, and life will return to normal sooner or later, so if you do not have to announce today, you must announce tomorrow.
  • Your prospective clients have free time and spend a large portion of it on the Internet. They are completely ready to see your ads.
  • There is a percentage of your potential customers still practicing their buying habits without any changes, maybe they just represent? Or less, but they exist.
  • Some of your competitors are doing advertising campaigns so you should not be left behind, and you should work to keep your prospective clients remembering your brand, or introducing them to them in case you have started your business recently.

8- Take advantage of appropriate opportunities to help those affected by the crisis

Take advantage of appropriate opportunities to help those affected by the crisis
One of the best forms of marketing is when it is accompanied by an intention to do good or is linked to a charity that people remember for a long time.

It also motivates buyers to take the purchase step without hesitation to have a role in that charitable act.

Fonterra Dairy and Gull Service Stations for Fuel Services have donated high-quality ethyl alcohol packages to assist in the shortage of antiseptics.

Marketing may not be in the minds of these companies (or other companies that make similar decisions around the world).

However, people will remember their actions when they start spending money again in the future.

And you can take such a step by allocating part of your profits to a specific charity or act. For example, you can announce that with every piece purchased from your product, part of the amount paid for those who lost their jobs due to that crisis will be donated.

It is worth noting here, and it is very important that you have a commitment to implement what will be promised, otherwise this will not be marketing, but exploitation of the crisis and deception of the public.

At the end of the topic, we all hope that this crisis will pass through and life will return to normal, and everyone will recover from the negative effects.

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