15 reasons why smart people find it difficult to love

15 reasons why smart people find it difficult to love

15 reasons why smart people find it difficult to love
15 reasons why smart people find it difficult to love
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Smart people can easily solve difficult mathematics problems, and even save nations from economic crises, but when it comes to love, most of them find it difficult.

So let's find out 15 reasons why most smart people struggle in love:

1- They exaggerate thinking about everything:

Smart people have a mindset of analyzing the other person’s attributes before the relationship begins.

They also tend to look towards negative attributes frequently and repeat imaginary scenarios in their minds about the way their love story may end, so they decide not to enter the relationship from its inception.

2- They are comfortable on their own and enjoy their independence:

Scientifically, the more intelligent a person becomes, the more independent he becomes. Most smart people know how to enjoy and create happiness without anyone's need.

They live in inner peace and complete security with themselves as they do and what they will do in the future, they have the idea that love will steal independence and freedom from them so they avoid it or at least remain unrelated as long as possible.

To take love from you, your independence may be correct, but making your right choice for the right person will make it wrong.

3- They trust in the mind more than the heart:

The intelligent prefer to make decisions after the detailed analysis and interpretation of all the available options, and as a result of this, what the mind makes as a final decision is the correct one. As for what their feelings dictate to them, they reject it.

Most of the time, making decisions in a mental way away from feelings can be a good thing, but when it comes to love it is good to listen to the heart and its heartbeat. Love is not measured by logic.

4- They tend to be cautious and cautious:

Being cautious about choosing a lifetime partner is wise, but being very careful and overpriced, this may present a problem and keep you in a long-term research period.

5- Priority for dreams and achieving personal ambitions:

Being ambitious is a beautiful thing that deserves appreciation and the most beautiful thing that balances your relationships with your work.

But smart people find it difficult to balance and focus only on their goals, and if they decide to be in a relationship, they devote a limited time to it, which may cause the life partner to get upset.

6- They are overwhelmed by suspicion and do not appreciate beauty very much:

Another reason why most smart people struggle with love is that they give more value to intelligence than outward appearance and spend most of the time questioning and asking if this is the right person.

They stay in the circle of acquaintance for the longest time, which causes the other to hate waiting and may leave.

7- They have high standards:

Smart people have high standards in acquiring material things and getting to know new people, they want their lives to be perfect and they don't want to lower their standards.

They have a perfect idea of ​​an ideal person and an ideal life. It is impossible for them to waste their time with a person they do not see in line with their ideal imaginary picture.

But there is nothing perfect and everyone has its faults, and lowering expectations will be better for psychological comfort.

8- They build a separation wall between them and the people:

Smart people find it difficult to be open to others, which makes them appear cool and emotional.

Their appearance is due to the times they failed, which made them find it difficult to trust others, and they build the appearance of coolness to protect themselves. They need patience and be open to them.

9- Others fear them:

Some people do not want to ask to meet the smart person, thinking that they are the lowest level and they will be rejected, so they do not even try.

10- They do not like to have limits and rules placed on them:

Smart people love to talk and speak freely about themselves. They do not like the person who limits the things that they like to do and interferes in their affairs.

Whatever your value to them, once the smart person feels that you are trying to put him in a cage, he will leave to preserve his freedom.

11- Daring:

Smart people tend to be bold in expressing and speaking openly, which can sometimes lead to them being rude and hurting the feelings of others without the intention to do so.

12- They cannot pay the cost of the loss:

In intense debates and quarrels, smart people usually win the last word but with your partner you have to learn to let it pass and give up so you cannot always be right even if you are.

13- They feel bored quickly:

Smart people find fun things easily and this may affect their relationship.

In the beginning, there is a passion for the other party, but once they surround themselves with knowledge of their life partner, they may begin to lose interest towards it.

14- They see in love distracting their mind:

They have a belief that love and relationships may be a distraction for them and that love will make them stupid and this is due to the many series that simulate this.

But this is wrong thinking. The energy of love makes you more creative, more energetic, and happier than it reflects on your work in the affirmative.

15- They are not linked to a personal choice:

Another reason why smart people are not related this is because they chose it because of the reasons mentioned above.

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