Reasons for slackening and neglecting their homework!

Reasons for slackening and neglecting their homework!

Reasons for slackening and neglecting their homework!
Reasons for slackening and neglecting their homework!
There are many reasons and the result is the same; the bitter result, which imposed itself on the reality of science and study, led to the relaxation and disdain of students with science, and made them prefer other things, such as electronic games and social media.

Can any reasons for this laxity be identified? Yes, in fact, we can determine the causes of this laxity, and also we can find solutions to it, if we identify the causes or illness, which led to this reality.

Reasons for students to relax:

New technology

One of the most important and most dangerous reasons for students' relaxation and delay in education is modern technology that has emerged in the modern era.

And it penetrated into all homes and managed to control most of the minds of children and youth, with its new, entertaining and unfamiliar things in all fields.

It allows you everything, as if you were roaming around the world with your own plane. There is no room for boredom or sickness while you use modern technology, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and smart screens.

Social media

Social media is no less important than technology in that it is one of the main reasons for students' slacking and declining knowledge.

It is their second world in which they spend most of their time and build their lives however they want, and how they imagine.

The means of communication are among the most widely used or used in human life, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. No house in the globe is free of these programs that have billions of users.

The surrounding environment

The environment in which the individual lives greatly influences his lifestyle, orientations and way of thinking, as many societies do not give importance to science and study and therefore students have no interest in science.

Like societies that are concerned with agriculture, hunting and livestock raising, therefore, the student will relax and move away from science in such environments, and try to adapt to his environment in which he lives away from school and science.

The era of speed and the preoccupation of parents

There is no doubt that the age in which we live is affecting the elder before the younger, and therefore, these days, parents suffer from the acceleration and preoccupation of life.

And lack of good attention to their children and their educational attainment, this matter is very important for the student;

When he feels that his parents are observing him, he will try to learn even if it is under their pressure and alert them, except that he will be interested in science even if it is without his complete desire.

Changing breeding methods

There is no doubt that education has a fundamental role in building a child’s personality and affects his attitudes and desires in life. Today, the parenting theories have changed and many do not perform the task of education towards his child, but he is satisfied with living and keeping up with the child.

Consequently, the child will live his life however he wants, if he wants to learn, wants to play, or wants to spend time with his companions, and this has led to the loss of the role of the parents in directing the child towards education and study.

Education laws change in countries

Previously, the laws of education in countries were strict, and the teacher had absolute powers, and he had prestige and awe and the student feared him more than his family.

This matter was an important factor in communicating knowledge to the student, and his interest in education through the performance of homework at home.

While today the teacher has become constrained and limited in authority in light of the existence of strict laws not to use distress even in speech.

These laws were the cause of the deterioration of students, their lack of interest in homework, or even of the teacher himself.

Failure to organize time

One of the rules for success in life and achieving goals is to organize time and arrange your day in order to achieve what you aspire or want to reach.

Students today are concerned and their job is wasting time and entertainment, and time is no longer important to them, and this matter has an impact on their desire to teach and complete school assignments.

Consequently, they are late in the field of education because of the lack of time for science and study.

No goal in life

When you set a goal and a dream in your life, you try in every way to reach that goal that you drew in your life, and the students of our day no longer have a goal or motivation to reach it.

Science is no longer their concern in life because there are more important things that occupy their thoughts, and here there is an important role for parents in educating children.

To set goals for their lives and try to help them chart a path to achieving these goals.

Create a virtual world through the Internet and move away from reality

Children and youth of our time spend most of their time on social media, building their own world in these virtual programs.

And they live within this world that they built as they like, and this leads to their distance from reality, and thus their neglect and their distance from science and study;

They are no longer among the priorities they created and built within the virtual world in which they live.

Impact of peers and friends

Among the reasons for students to be lax and late for science, we must mention friends and their influence on each other, either they are a positive factor in attracting the student to science, or a negative factor in his departure and delay from science and study.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to the company of the children in school, or in life in general, because they will influence and be affected by each other.

In conclusion, it must be remembered that these reasons are not necessarily all of them found in the student or the child, but rather there can be several reasons for the student, and its difference from one student to another.

And there may be special cases and causes, related to the material and economic situation that compel the child or student to leave science and pay attention to life.

And there may be special cases and causes, related to the material and economic situation that compel the child or student to leave science and pay attention to life, in order to find a livelihood.

Despite the presence of the motivation of science and the desire of these students, and sometimes also the health worker is an obstacle to the delay and inaction of some students from seeking knowledge because of the difficulty of movement or the absence of a mechanism or government support for them.

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