Ideas for very profitable small projects 2020

Ideas for very profitable small projects 2020

Ideas for very profitable small projects 2020

Are you looking for very profitable small business ideas 2020?

"You don't need much money or experience to start a small and profitable business".

This is what all entrepreneurs who start their profitable and profitable projects with a small core say that they do not expect to earn all this money.

And let's also tell you, if you don't have the money, no problem! There are many methods you can use to fund your projects. You can start self-employment, or a project with no upfront costs, to use those returns to finance a profitable and small project.

Of course, any profitable project needs an idea, which is the first step for any business. If you are looking for ideas for very profitable small projects 2020 and at the same time being pioneering and distinctive projects,We offer you this list of 18 profitable projects that can be done on the ground, which are projects that do not need as much money and do not require much experience.

What really distinguishes these projects is your ability to communicate directly with your customers to realize their needs, as you will be more familiar with the nature of the market and the nature of competitors in it, and do not forget, of course, that you still have the ability to use the Internet as a means of work as well or even as a means of marketing.

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Ideas for small and profitable projects on the ground with little capital 2020:

1. Idea of ​​profitable project such as maintenance and repair of smart phones

You can learn how to fix smartphones. It is not so difficult if you are interested and have some patience. You can purchase used appliances or parts. You must store the most commonly used parts,
You can watch YouTube videos, as there are a lot of videos that explain how to do various types of repairs.

Of course, you can start with only one specialty, as there are some stores that only specially install the cover and glass sticker on smartphones. The smartphone market is one of the largest and most popular.The breakdowns and services that can be provided to them from support, maintenance and accessories are almost endless. So this project is quite promisingly successful and will make a lot of profit, but it takes some patience.

Try to focus on the attractive aspects of providing your services, start with the storefront, even if it is small, on a secondary street, or even on the second floor of office buildings, caring for it will help you establish your store name in the minds of customers and build a broad and solid base of customers.

2. The idea of ​​a project for organizing events and events

When you read the name of this idea, perhaps you will think of wedding services or rather weddings, but the idea is more comprehensive and bigger. In fact, this project relies on planning and organizing various events.For example, you can specialize in organizing conferences, meetings, birthdays, weddings or corporate events.

This project is considered one of the small and profitable projects. All it needs is tact and diplomacy in dealing with different types of customers. You can specialize in only one type of event, and then open an office to coordinate with your customers.

3. The idea of ​​an advertising agency project

With the spread of the new digital ads for the year 2020, the development of an informed and advertisement program has become more complicated for companies, shops or others! Consequently, these companies have become highly dependent on third parties such as advertising agencies to solve their marketing puzzle and attract customers to them.

To start your own advertising agency, you'll need some distinct marketing intelligence. However, you don't have to be an expert in all aspects of marketing, so you'll also need some expert people that you'll need and advice from time to time.

This project relies heavily on the ability to plan and draw successful advertising and promotional strategies, in addition to the ability to deal with different types of clients, and do not forget that such a project is not widespread in the Arab market, so try to take advantage of it.

4. Idea for design and printing services project

This service is considered one of the most important services at the present time due to the increasing use of visual promotion methods and heavy reliance on attractive designs in marketing.This idea is a solution for many customers who worry about choosing the right designer or even fear that the print workers will deceive them.

You can open an office and contract with a number of professional designers, in addition to contracting with a printing press that provides high quality services. All you need here is the ability to communicate with customers and coordinate with designers and the press to provide the service at the lowest possible time and with the greatest quality.

You can also start offering your services online so you can save the right amount to open your own office in the real world. In this case, you must provide permanent forms of your business in the sense of design work and present customer opinions on both design and printing services.In this case, you will also work with freelance designers before you hire or contract them to work in your office.

Of course, the quality here is the main factor for the success of the project, you can put competitive prices at the beginning. You can give clients advice, for example, on paper quality, design size, and more.And if you want to enter the market strongly, we advise you to keep in your mind 3D printing services, as this service is considered a promising market in the country and will bring you unreasonable profits, so be proactive in providing it to capture the entire market.

5. The idea of ​​antiques trading project

You can start this business in your home garage by selling only one of the items that you think will be very popular.

For example, start part-time, that is, besides your core business, and try to put all your passion into this project, it is a winning project but it needs patience and enough attention!Only buy antiques that you trust can be sold relatively quickly, in order to gain a good reputation, and avoid making the mistake of stockpiling.

For the project to be highly successful, try to build extensive experience and specialize a little in this field, to build a wide customer base.

6. Boat tours project

Of course, you must be in a coastal city in order to work on this successful project. In fact, you do not need to own a large boat to transport customers on evening boat tours! You can even rent a boat and market your guided tours to embrace your company without having to incur the upfront costs.

To make the project more successful, you can buy a few fast boats that you can drive yourself, and go with your customers on a tour of the port, for example. The whole project will be fun and profitable at the same time!

7. The idea of ​​a clothing store project

You might think that this project is widespread and that it will not bring you the profits you dream about, but this project is successful, contrary to what you think completely. All you have to do is choose a suitable location for the store or store,And to choose the goods that suit the nature of the customers who will go to the street or neighborhood that you will work with.

You should then start marketing your products significantly through road advertising or by the most widespread means in your city.

8. The idea of ​​a kiosk or a small cafe selling drinks

Working on a project like this, of course, requires you to offer drinks that are not only acceptable, but of great taste, so that you can compete with other stores. It must also provide a suitable and distinctive atmosphere and your site should be good as well.

You can start with just two drinks, but in an attractive way, and then move on to serve other great-tasting drinks.

9. The idea of ​​an outdoor adventure project

If you are an outdoor adventure fan, start your business now and be surprised by how many people are willing to pay for such a trip. To start with, choose an attractive trip and set a small rate to promote your services.Then ask customers for their comments about the adventure and post it on your project page on Facebook, for example.

Try to focus heavily on the first trip, to make it an incredible journey! On your first few trips, you have to focus on providing a great experience and a good reputation at work, and then you will earn a lot of money directly.

10. Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning Project

The demand for these services is enormous, and the amount of money that you will earn from the project is also enormous. There are many people who want to clean their furnishings in a guaranteed, high-quality and affordable prices,All you have to do is gather all of these elements in your services, rent a suitable place, contract a number of skilled workers and start working.

11. Home maintenance project

This project is based on the opening of an office that undertakes to maintain homes and provide various related services such as kitchen or bathroom maintenance, electricity, air conditioning or paint works.

All you need here is to hire a group of professional technicians, to coordinate with you and send the right technicians.Good reputation means your clients depend entirely on you, and thus they will get rid of the burden of searching for a suitable and skilled technician, and they will have a lasting relationship with you.

12. Idea of ​​a profitable project as landscape design

There is a big difference between lawn mowing service and full landscape design service. This idea is considered an important idea because it is not saturated in the market and the demand for it is great. So if you’re interested and proficient in designing gardens and transforming them into stunning artistic paintings,Start your project now to provide landscape designs at the highest possible level. You will be surprised at the number of people who want to decorate their gardens and give them attractive natural designs, and you will also be surprised by the amount of profits you will get.

13. Interior decoration project

This work is considered one of the most enjoyable, simple and financially rewarding works, especially if you are a specialist in the field of decoration. At the same time this market is very competitive and may be difficult to break into.

But if you are skilled, it will not be difficult as you imagine, you should focus heavily on the use of technology and simulation-based design software, where you can provide the customer with a complete and realistic picture of what the home will look like after design,You can also explain the effects of the modifications immediately without the need to experiment and exposure to the possibility of errors.

14. Furniture Industry (Profitable Project)

This is a great idea that brings you tremendous profits, especially if you focus on making furniture professionally. You only need some experience, focus and focus on making premium quality furniture.You can draw lots of designs and ideas online and from major furniture manufacturers.

Rent a showroom for your products, and start promoting them online and in reality as well. And if you want bigger profits, try targeting the affluent customers and some fine hotels.

15. Idea for cleaning services project

Cleaning services is a successful project, and it brings a lot of unexpected profits, in addition to that it does not need any special skills. You can simply invest a small amount of money,To get more return very quickly too. All you have to do is hire a suitable office, hire a group of cleaners, and start providing your services.

The quality of your work is the main factor for business success, just start with a high quality to be surprised by the number of customers that you can work with. You can provide cleaning services for homes, for stores, for companies and institutions, and more.The best way to market your services is to first announce widely the nature of your services and what sets them apart from the rest of the usual cleaning services, then you can make visits to various stores or companies to offer your services to them,Or, you can do a good job cleaning up a school or any public institution and lighting up the quality of your work.

16. Car wash (very profitable project 2020)

The car wash project is a very successful project. As you will have clients who need your services on a regular basis, the competition will not be very intense, and there is always a lot of room to increase services or details in order to increase prices, and you can contract workers with reasonable prices.

In the event that you decide to work on this commercial activity, you must start with a small laundry in a smaller market, in order to deviate from the business rules and then go ahead and seek to transform into a larger facility, in a more competitive market.

17. Profitable project as sports training services

You can use your experience and skill in sports training and employ it in one of the profitable projects, where the idea of ​​this project is to provide sports training services in addition to consultations in the field of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

All you need to do is train your clients on a set of daily exercises, monitor their eating habits and daily life, to give them advice regarding the appropriate times for exercise, the nature of food, the distribution of daily meals, and more.

Of course, and above all, you yourself should be a good example of the quality of your services, and start creating a Facebook page that provides some tips and successful experiences to market yourself as a successful coach. Then start by promoting your services and setting the right prices to compete with sports clubs.

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