How to prepare an effective successful marketing plan in 5 steps

How to prepare an effective successful marketing plan in 5 steps

How to prepare an effective successful marketing plan in 5 steps
How to prepare an effective successful marketing plan in 5 steps
Marketing plan in a simple way .. It is a plan you need in order to promote and market your product, and it is mainly focused on sales and marketing. 

And in this article, we will learn how to prepare a successful marketing plan that enables you to market your product with the strength that qualifies you to compete with your partners in the profession.

Marketing plan concept:

Marketing plan in more detail, is a plan that studies your marketing strategies, within specific goals and a clear period of time, the size of the costs that it will need, in addition to the clearly and properly studied work steps.

You also have to make your marketing plan subject to change and change as your business changes and grows.

So you have to develop a flexible marketing plan, which is capable of development, and tolerate the amendment contained at any moment as a result of the emergence of new competitors, the rise of certain shares, or the growth of your business to take a new direction.

This plan must be yours and a clear roadmap for you not to ignore, in order to avoid the failure that many who neglected and ignored their marketing plans won.

The marketing plan of any company is the window to success in achieving the goals of this company to carry it to its goals.

In fact, there are three types of companies: those that make things happen; those that monitor things as they happen; and those that marvel at what happens.

The marketing plan should make things happen. With a well-prepared marketing plan, the company's goal is to make things happen rather than wonder what happens!

It can be said that the concept of the marketing model is a business plan for the company focused mainly on sales and marketing, but this simple definition does not reflect the importance and complexity that characterizes the marketing plan.

As any marketing plan must answer the following questions, where is the company’s website now? Where do you want to go? What is the way to get there?

Therefore, the concept of the detailed marketing plan is a written document outlining the strategy, the marketing environment, the expected customers, and the expected competition in addition to the objectives set for sales and profit for the next year.

It also details and clarifies the actions and procedures necessary to achieve the established marketing objectives.

The importance of preparing a complete marketing plan:

You need to know that you are without marketing, no one will know your product, and that your knowledge of the target group is one of the successful marketing basics that you have to consider within your marketing plan.

So you should draw a detailed marketing plan, which deals with the most accurate and comprehensive matters. The importance of a complete and detailed marketing plan is unparalleled. Marketing is just as important as the product or service your business provides.

When preparing an effective strategic marketing plan, put yourself in the shoes of customers, to find an answer to the following important points:

  • Do you know why they buy your products or services? 
  • Is the price you set appropriate?
  • Does it simply reduce the price by 20%-30% when customers scarce, or does inventory gradually accumulate? 
  • Have you set any marketing or sales targets for the next twelve months?

The advantages of a successful marketing plan:

  1. Clarify your target group so that it becomes easier to find your customers the more closely you know your target group.
  2. The plan should help you craft clear messages that will pay off effectively, so you need to know how to address your target audience to convince him that you can meet his or her desires and needs.
  3. Availability of focus and direction. You must know the way in which you should address your audience, whether by e-mail, electronic advertising, or social media.

How to prepare a marketing plan:

To prepare an effective marketing plan you need to understand the market, and understand its needs and the needs of your target customers.

Then you have to understand how to reach the market in order to be able to reach those customers, and to help you in developing this plan. Here are the following elements and basics according to which the plan is developed.

Preparing a successful model marketing plan in 5 steps:

1. Details about the current status of the project

You have to ask yourself to understand the current project situation, about the methods that need to be used, the challenges that you may face, the current marketing budget, etc.

2. What is your target market?

You must know which target group to target the product.

Is it for females or males? Children, youth or the elderly? Or everyone alike? Do your products interest students only? Or do they concern businessmen?

So your understanding of the target group implicitly helps you to reach them, in various advertising ways.

This can be done through several methods such as asking customers questions, online reports, statistics, conferences, and knowing audience trends, in order to ensure that the plan is going right.

3. What goals do you want to achieve within the time plan included?

It's easy for a company to set general goals, but it's hard to develop smart targets.

The marketing manager must look at the position of his company, and think if he has smart goals for:
  1. Achieving sales and gaining new clients.
  2. Improving customer service. 
  3. Providing information to clients. 
  4. Saving time and expenses and increasing work efficiency.
  5. Show the trademark amid the crowd of other brands.

4. What are the methods and means that will help you achieve your goals?

To realize the appropriate means to reach your clients and clients, you must understand the target group consciously.

If this group of young people who spend long hours on Facebook, you can create a page that helps you to advertise your products and reach your target group.

Or you may have to write an article in a newspaper if your product belongs to other layers of society, or through a popup ad on YouTube.

5. What are the costs of marketing?

Many spend most of their money on marketing their products, then find a deficit in the funds to achieve the project itself, then lean on a dangerous turn that forces them to borrow or to stop the project!

So you need to study consciously the project expenses, allocate a portion of it to marketing that does not exceed it, and market it wisely without exaggeration or exaggeration.

It is important to know that spending money on marketing is more a priority than any other aspect of your business, as long as you invest this money wisely.

As we mentioned earlier, the importance of preparing an effective marketing plan lies in the fact that your marketing plan is in line with developments, on high flexibility that enables it to rapidly change and develop according to new developments and to keep abreast of the latest developments.

This is so that every time you do not have to prepare a marketing plan from scratch, or to work without a marketing plan at all.

So be wise in preparing your marketing plan and consult an expert or friend.

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In the end, we have shown you the concept of the marketing plan and how to prepare a successful and effective marketing plan, we hope that you have benefited from this article.

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