How to get rid of arm fat with food and sports, and the most important exercises for stretching the flabby arm

How to get rid of arm fat with food and sports, and the most important exercises for stretching the flabby arm

How to get rid of arm fat with food and sports
How to get rid of arm fat with food and sports

Body fat accumulated in a certain area only, may be the most difficult to get rid of. Arm fat is a difficult area to treat.

Where many individuals are searching for various solutions to get rid of the problem of fat accumulation and sagging skin in the arms area.

Fortunately, there are many effective methods that can help burn fat in the arms, and beautifully and harmoniously redraw their shape.

Anatomical structure of the arm muscles (Triceps and Biceps):

The muscles above the arm that many people complain of are flabby. These are biceps and triceps.

  • The biceps muscle in the inner (anterior) upper part of the arm, is a group of muscles that have one attachment near the elbow. But it starts with two different connections on the top of the arm.
  • The triceps muscle in the upper posterior part of the arm is a group of muscles that have one attachment, but which have three heads (a source that attaches to the bone bone) above the arm.

The importance of skin elasticity:

The problem of skin elasticity is a common problem in the upper arms.

If the problem of fat accumulation or sagging skin on the upper arms is one of the problems that bother you. Remember that the skin is living tissue, that adapts to change and you can repaint and stimulate it.

Your skin will not work like a shrink wrapping, as it was when you were younger and you have had weight changes. But it is still subject to change.

Resistance exercises and weight lifting affect the elasticity of the skin in the area we work on.

To get rid of accumulated fat fat we need to:

  • Reducing the amount of fat accumulated in all parts of the body in general. And lose extra weight, through a healthy diet.
  • Focus on building muscle mass of the arms. Which in turn will burn the surrounding fat. This is done through participation between aerobic exercises such as walking, rope skipping and swimming, and resistance exercises such as pressure exercises, lifting weights, squats and planks.

The most important tips and effective methods for getting rid of arm fat and losing weight in general:

Focus on reducing body weight in general:

Getting rid of fat from a specific area of ​​the body, is a method that focuses on burning certain fats in the body, such as the arms.

The principle of burning fat for a specific area is one of the common methods used in fitness and fitness centers.

After various statistics and research, the results showed that the best way to reduce the fat of a region is by working to lose body weight in general. In addition to doing exercises focused on the area to be treated, to redraw the muscle structure and revitalize it. Which leads to fat burning in this area.

Increased intake of dietary fiber:

Adding abundant amounts of dietary fiber to your diet, promotes weight loss and more fat burning.

Dietary fiber is transmitted slowly through the digestive system. This increases the time needed to empty the stomach. And thus gives a feeling of satiety for a longer period.

The consumption of dietary fiber increased by 14 g for 4 months. It is associated with a decrease in the total number of calories by 10. It is also associated with a decrease in weight by 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg), without making any other changes.

Examples of foods rich in dietary fiber:

  • Vegetables and fruits 
  • Whole grains 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Legumes such as lentils

Add proteins to the diet:

Increasing protein intake is another way to curb appetite and reduce the amount of fat accumulated.

Studies show that eating a breakfast rich in protein reduces the feeling of hunger. And it gives a sense of satiety. And it reduces ghrelin levels (the hormone that stimulates the feeling of hunger).

Examples of foods rich in protein:

  • Meat, poultry, fish, legumes, eggs, dairy products, and cheese. Is one of the sources rich in proteins that help burn fat quickly.

Refrain from eating refined carbohydrates:

The refined carbohydrates are subject to the refining process. It results in substances that are low in vitamins and minerals.

Refined carbohydrates are rich in calories, low in dietary fiber. This leads to increased blood sugar levels. Feeling hungry quickly.

Eating whole grains is usually accompanied by weight loss and body fat. While eating refined pills is associated with an increase in the accumulation of fat in the body.

Examples include refined carbohydrates that lack nutrients:

Pasta, white bread and some types of cornflakes.

Instead, rely on whole-grain foods such as quinoa, oats, and bran.

Allocating fixed bedtime:

In addition to making adjustments to the diet and adding exercise. Another important factor in promoting fat burning is having a steady sleep rate at night. And control the rate of hormones secretion responsible for the feeling of hunger and satiety.

You should go to sleep around the same time throughout the week.

Avoid alarms before bedtime or any other factors that may hinder your bedtime.

Maintaining body moisture:

Drinking plenty of water helps consume body fat. Foster a sense of satiety. And reduce the amount of food eaten.

Water helps increase metabolism. But be sure not to choose sweetened liquids.

The importance of resistance exercises (weight lifting):

Resistance exercises are a type of exercise that includes working against strength, to build muscle mass and increase strength.

One of the best common examples is lifting exercises.

It may not cause fat reduction in the arms in particular. It helps increase overall body fat loss. And it helps to draw the structure of the muscles so they look thinner.

Studies that were applied to individuals showed persistence in performing resistance exercises alone. In comparison with individuals who persist in performing resistance exercises in partnership with aerobic exercises. When participating between resistance and aerobic exercises, the results were more effective in increasing muscle mass.

Increasing muscle mass helps boost metabolism, and increase calorie burning even during rest times during the day.

That is, lifting weights helps reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and redraw the arms so that they appear thinner.

Do more aerobic exercises:

Aerobic exercise is the type of exercise that focuses on raising your heart rate to burn more calories.

When you try to lose arm fat, adding aerobic exercise is an essential part of the plan.

Studies show that aerobic exercise is an effective way to lose weight and increase muscle mass.

It is recommended that you do aerobic exercise at a rate of 20-40 minutes per day. Or 150-300 minutes every week.

Examples of aerobic exercises:

Running, biking, swimming, skipping or dancing.

The most important exercises that help reduce the fat of the arms, especially:

Arm spin exercise:

  • Stand straight on the floor. 
  • Extend the arms on either side of the body (open the hands so that they form with the body a letter T). 
  • Start moving your arms slowly in a clockwise direction for 20 times. 
  • Then lower both hands. Take a break for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat the process again counterclockwise for 15-20 times.

Push and pull exercise:

  • Move your hands back and forth as if you were pushing something forward. Then pull it back towards the back. 
  • Repeat this movement for 20 times, sometimes slowly and again quickly.

Clipper exercise:

  • Stand up straight. 
  • Extend your arms straight forward. 
  • Move the arms together so that they form a V. 
  • Then they intersect each other and form an X.
  • Repeat the same movement back and forth, so that the arms together form the letter V and the letter X as they cross each other. (Such as scissors). 
  • Repeat the movement for 20 times. 
  • Then take a 10-15 second break. 
  • Repeat the exercise again for 20 times.

Back touching the neck from the back:

  • Stand straight and your back tight. 
  • Lift your arms up, then back. (As if you will touch the lower neck from the back to the top of your back).
  • When both hands are curved toward the back to touch the upper back, apply the palms of the hand to each other. So that you are at the level of the middle of the head from the back. 
  • Press your palms down. Which leads to the expansion of the arms.
  • Repeat the movement quickly for 20 times. 
  • Then spread your hands apart and put them forward. 
  • Take a break for 15 seconds. 
  • Then repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Wall Press Exercise:

  • Stand up against the wall. With your legs slightly away from the wall. 
  • Extend your arms in front of your chest. Let the palms of the hand touch the wall.
  • Bend forward toward the wall. Thus, the elbow or elbow will bend downward. You stand on the tops of your toes, the heels of the foot rise slightly from the ground, and push your body against the wall.
  • Then you push in the opposite direction, that is, away from the wall, so your arms will stretch and your heel will come back in contact with the floor flat. 
  • Repeat the exercise back and forth for 20 times.
  • Then lower your hands down and take a 10-15 second break. T
  • hen repeat the exercise again for 20 times.

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