How do you find your learning style to improve your life?

How do you find your learning style to improve your life?

How do you find your learning style to improve your life
How do you find your learning style to improve your life

Have you ever wondered how you can understand and learn some things easier than others? This may be due to the way you were presented, as the way you take information plays an important role in your ability to understand it.

You, like others, have your own learning style that differs from them. For example, others read a book, but if you try to read it like them, you will find it difficult to memorize and understand all the information.

But let's say you downloaded the audio version of the book and then suddenly you were able to save that information more easily.

Knowing the best way to acquire information can not only help you learn more effectively and help you make important life decisions such as choosing a profession or university specialization.

Let's look first at the different styles of learning styles.

Visual learning style

When someone tells you to do something, you quickly forget or not totally understand what is required, but you can learn how to do something via written directions or through a ready-made chart or schedule.

This often means that you are a visual learner and you learn through vision and prefer that everything is written in front of you. You like taking notes and forming charts to understand a specific topic.

Colors are usually used to organize and understand information, and you may learn to read more than listen.

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Auditory learning style

You don't like to take notes or learn from books and relax in understanding a task when someone tells you about it and would rather talk to the other explaining the information to you rather than reading it.

This means that you are an auditory learner. You enjoy working with others where you can hear them, share ideas and engage in open discussions, which is your best way to learn new information.

If you must take information from a book, you are reading it aloud or downloading an audio version of it.

You find pleasure in listening to audiobooks and radios, and YouTube videos also help you because you hear the information being explained, and you feel that you have been notified directly how to do a task or go ahead with an operation.

Kinetic learning style

You learn by busy yourself muscularly with a task. If someone tells you how to format a company document, you will often forget parts of the explanation.

And if someone has written directions for you and added a diagram you will have difficulty paying attention to this lengthy document.

But if someone guides you through the process and asks you to formulate the coordination yourself, you will be able to easily remember the steps at a later time.

This means that you are a kinetic learner, and it indicates that you prefer to use your body to learn and you have to move to learn to do the job.

This happens because you learn through experience rather than listening. You prefer to do the work experience yourself to be able to remember the skill later.

Find the learning style that suits you

You must determine which learning style suits you best if you want to explore the difficulties of daily life, but it may be difficult to determine which learning style you belong to or is fully compatible with, then you have to do some things to help you answer:

Do a test

When it comes to knowing how to learn, simple questionnaires can be very helpful. They generally ask you how to receive the content of information, how to live your life, interact with others, and participate in certain tasks.

Categories of questions are based on information about you, and they can tell you exactly how your brain works.

Watch yourself and try each one

The next time you do a task, monitor the way you do and monitor the effectiveness of the way you do it.

Did you write the instructions? Did someone tell you how to do the job, or did a chart help you with that? You can try different methods to test yourself for what works for you.

Try learning by listening and look at the amount of information you saved, or try reading and look at some tables of information, or you can actually participate in something and see what you learned during the experiment.

Answer the question about the most information-gathering method and which of you was most enjoyable?

For the visual learner, how to learn using this method:

  • Adopt reading, seeing charts, or watching someone explain a complex process.
  • Arrange your information using colors and tables, and be sure to make it appear in a logical, easy-to-read arrangement.
  • You can use audio apps without wasting time reading like TranscribeMe (iOS and Android) or Transcribe (Chrome).

For the auditory learner, how to learn using this method:

  • Talk to others and listen to their explanations, attend the doctors' lectures and talk to them to listen to their explanation on questions related to what matters to you.
  • Meet people from an interesting field of work and enjoy their conversation, and you can adopt video chats.
  • To take notes you can record them audio.

For the kinetic learner, how to learn using this method:

  • Just sit back and listen, find something that makes you move and share.
  • Exercise and take steps rather than listening to an explanation.
  • Watch how others do a task and follow up with them.
  • Attach directions and information to a similar kinetic behavior that helps you remember.

Knowing the way that suits you in learning is the process of exploring your personality. The more you know about yourself and the more you understand your learning habits, the more you are able to use this knowledge to find the most effective way to do everyday tasks.

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