8 points that you should make sure of before hiring anyone in your company

8 points that you should make sure of before hiring anyone in your company

8 points that you should make sure of before hiring anyone in your company
8 points that you should make sure of before hiring anyone in your company
If you are a business owner or HR manager, you definitely want to find a great team.

In the search for new candidates for different jobs, and the accompanying of publishing a lot of employment announcements ... put some specifications that need to be characterized by new applicants for jobs within your company, these specifications fall between the skills and practical qualities and between personal traits and behaviors.

As for the stage of receiving and examining the applicants' CV, and after conducting interviews for them here, the screening process begins, and the selection time comes with it, and the selection time is one of the most difficult times for the official.

Yes, it is a very heavy and laborious responsibility, because it carries with it many concerns about whether or not the selection process was successful.

Points that you must make sure of before hiring anyone in your company

In general, you must give the job candidate the filtering process sufficient time without haste, and not make the selection based on the applicant's CV only, also not make the selection process based on the routine questions that are directed to the applicants.

Certainly, all of these factors complement each other, and that each of them is of great importance in the extent of acceptance of employees or not, but there are also some things that disappear between the lines, and you need you to evoke your full professional and intellectual capabilities in order to be able to discover them.

In today's article, I will present to you some points that you should not lose sight of investigating their availability in employee personalities before accepting them to join your company.

Its arrangement has no significant significance, but I advise you to read the article to the end, because there is another arrangement that you have made that works for you as a recruiting officer or company owner.

This arrangement will save you a lot of time and effort in choosing the new success partners you intend to join for your team.

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Let's start listing points:

1- He has clear ethical standards

Here it is far from idealism and slogans, it is all about your company's success and maintaining your reputation within the markets.

An employee who has clear ethical standards of honesty and sincerity, and a complete refusal to get money by any dishonest method will be your ideal choice that you will not regret at any time ... Why?

Because this type of employee will not steal customer data for the company he works for, and he will never agree to implement any scheme with one of your competitors against you.

He also will not seek to make a deal with clients away from the company as “many” do, so it will all work for you.

To be honest, I believe that clarity of ethical standards is the most difficult task that you must do, and make sure that it is in the employee you want to assign.

Because the moral standards of human beings in general, their reality is revealed much more through real situations and events than theoretical questions.

But surely there are some initial signs that can become a guide for you in order to know how the candidate enjoys working with these standards.

For example, to know precisely from him the reasons that led him to leave his previous job, through the method of dialogue or chat.

Or ask him about the way and the way his former manager dealt with him, and also if you ask him about the ways in which he can benefit your company in overcoming competitors.

He is offered some methods and methods of work, and he mentions some of the seemingly fraudulent methods, in order to know his view regarding the use of these methods at work.

2- His motto is work, not gossip

Make sure that the new employee inside your company lives according to the slogan "Yes to Work, No Gossip".

These little-spoken people ... who prefer to focus on work rather than engage in polemics and debates that neither sang nor fade from hunger are always the most efficient to have a job opportunity,Even if they do not have a lot of experience, because the process of gaining their experience will become much easier.

Try asking him about the most important achievement he could accomplish in his working life, or ask him to tell you a small success story in which he was able to face and overcome one of the professional challenges.

You will know its time through the narration method if it has a real achievement or is it evasive, and engage in multiple discussions that have nothing to do with each other without giving you a practical answer.

Try asking him a simple problem that you suffer from within the specialty in which he will work, and ask him for some initial suggestions to solve it.

3- He has the ability to accomplish

Getting the job done is not easy for most people, especially in the age of social media, with its various platforms that have become addictive for many.

Certainly, you, as the owner of a company or a commercial establishment, always wish that your employees will accomplish the work tasks required of them in the best possible quality, and in the least time possible, because that means more productivity and achieving the numbers.

When you are selected by a number of candidates and you need to choose one of them, search for a smart way that suits your company's field, in order to enable you to facilitate the task for yourself, and help you to improve the choice.

For example, why don't you assign each of them a specific task, and it does not have to be a complicated task, but what I mean is a simple task that requires each of them to carry out, to know the ability of each of them to accomplish at a specific time.

For example if you need to employ one person in the marketing department, and 10 people have been offered to you, and after you have done the filtering process, your choice will be made on 3 potential people from among them,You generally see that all three are eligible to do the job, but of course you want to hire the best of them, so what do you do then?

Assign the three people a task such as preparing a report that contains some marketing ideas for the company's products, then tell them in all transparency that it is a competition that the company intends to do in order to choose one of them,Until all of them provoke creativity to demonstrate their practical abilities in order to win the job, and wait to see the result!

By how each of them accomplished this task, as well as the amount of time it took to complete them you would reach the best choice.

But remember, well, time is not just the measure by which you can know how well each one has the ability to achieve.

It is possible that someone finishes the task and delivers it, for example after only a few hours have passed, and then you find that when you review it, the way it is executed is fragile and does not contain a real value or touch.

You may find that the whole thing is nothing but cutting and copying from Google, was placed inside a file and then formatted, and ended up here for him.

While there is someone who can submit the required report to you after two days, and you find that he has added many effective ideas and strategies for e-marketing based on a lot of research and study for the market and competitors.

And surely you know very well who is the best person in this situation!

4- He loves his work and is able to adapt to his changes

Years ago I was responsible for working in one of the marketing sectors that required me to travel a lot all the time, and the nature of the whole work at that time was exhausting.

But I was doing it to the fullest, for one reason that I liked my job as I like to travel as well, and for me all this fatigue eased the front of me in the literal sense of the word.

The business needs often changed in a way that surprised and surprised me, and I was also surprised by my ability to personally adapt quickly.

Although this is not of my nature in my working life, I love arranging tasks in advance, and I am bothered by many of the tasks that come to me speeding without ringing the bell of my to-do list.

I often found myself having to travel from the far north to the far south, and I found myself having to not sleep for long times, because I was moving between trains and states.

The whole thing, frankly, was like adventure, but it was a very delicious adventure, after years of leaving work I realized I was just doing it because I loved it.

Why do I tell you this story? Can it really help you in the selection process? Initially yes, what you wanted to find out about it is that if you love your job you will bear some of its faults, and in return you will get many of its advantages.

I think the idea has come to you correctly ... So how can you use an employer or a recruiting officer to your advantage?

Did you know that one of the reasons why so many employees leave their jobs after a few periods is that from the start they did not honestly choose the jobs or majors they like!

Of course you and me and everyone knows very well that no one has ever had to work in a job that he does not like one day just for money, not for the sake of goals, ambition, or building a distinguished career path, but only the matter is limited to the natural need to provide for life expenses.

Therefore, I suggest that during your job interview with the candidate for the job, you ask him to tell you a short story that happened to him in any previous work done.

A story that shows his love for his work and how he was able to accept some sudden changes that occurred without planning or anticipating them.

Or, directly ask him why he chose this job specifically to work in it, especially if he does not have previous experience in the same field.

You can also intelligently play a cunning game with him, when she suggests a second job in a different section to see which one he prefers.

At the same time, be careful, there is no fixed rule that you can follow to see if he will really like his job and really bear his variations, or not.

In many cases, a person can work in a new discipline for the first time and then discover that this is the discipline that he wants to build his career path through.

5- He seeks to develop his skills

One of the best things you can choose for your employees is their constant and serious endeavor to develop their skills.

Whether it is their personal skills or their job skills, because the journey to build skills is an arduous journey that many begin and complete a rare number of people.

When you feel that you are in front of someone who wants to invest all his abilities with the maximum of his strength, someone who realizes that the pursuit of knowledge is the way to develop and grow, congratulating you on a partner and supporter of the success of the business and the industry in which you work.

This type of employee is a gold gain for any trader and any company, as it is the only thing that can face the pitfalls and shocks of the labor market.

He is also the only one who can build strong experience in his field, making companies and business owners eager to work with them.

This will be evident to you, even if the applicant is a recent graduate who has no practical experience.

But over the years of study, for example, he was keen to acquire a new language, or to acquire skills dealing with computers and complex programs, or sales and marketing skills, social networking skills, and others.

But this does not necessarily mean that it becomes your ideal choice of course, as it is also related to the nature of the job and its requirements, the size of the work experiences you need, and even the type of skills that suit it.

6- He has good communication skills

Communication skills with others are indispensable for choosing your employees. Whatever job he will work for, he needs to have a little or a large amount of them, depending on the nature and work environment.

Therefore, talk to each candidate during the personal interview a lot, open more than one topic with him, and notice how he talks with you and how his features and emotions appear, and his ability to conduct a tactful conversation, and there is no objection to provoking him somewhat without cost until you know how to act in such situations.

7- He is ready to learn quickly

At times when you advertise jobs that do not require previous experience, your lucrative deal will get you to get those who want to learn quickly, and are willing to gain experience.

And a passion for discovering the secrets and work secrets without worrying about what will happen after the end of the training period, and receiving them permanently.

This skill will appear to you initially during the training process, when you start assigning him some work assignments and he has not finished his training yet.

8- Able to respect work policies

You will not make a great effort here. All you have to do is inform the new employee of the labor policies and laws within the company in a decisive and serious manner, from official work hours and rest times, to the assigned work tasks.

However, in order for things to appear more accurate and clear, you must tell him clearly and firmly about the penalties that he could be subjected to if he does not respect these laws.

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