Preventive measures to protect children in schools from the Coronavirus

Preventive measures to protect children in schools from the Coronavirus

Preventive measures to protect children in schools from the Coronavirus
Preventive measures to protect children in schools from the Coronavirus

The outbreak of the Corona virus that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei Province resulted in the death of more than 2,994 people around the world as of 1 March of this year, so a high security movement has been taken by countries to confront this virus, which is a threat to all of humanity,It has spread widely in public places, including schools, which are also crowded.

So what are the basic tips for preventing this virus?

Any child who has been in contact with an infected person should be excluded from school for 14 days, and who have met someone with a suspected or confirmed viral case staying at home for two weeks as well.

Some governments in some countries are asking children who visited China in the past two weeks not to go to school for 14 days either.

How can the virus be contagious?

The World Health Organization announced that the Corona virus is a global emergency, so it is important to point out the seriousness of a child infection in school despite the fact that the number is still very low in the Arab world and not an emergency,So if the child is not in close contact with a person who is infected with the Coronavirus, the risk of infection at school is close to zero, which is less likely than that of infection in other public places.

The new Corona virus belongs to the same family of Coronaviruses that belongs to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), where evidence indicates that SARS is not contagious, but the WHO has advised placing all suspected or potential cases under close monitoring for ten days.

With the current Corona virus, the World Health Organization advises people to beware and countries to carry out temperature tests for travelers from affected areas.

Who will decide to go to school?

We have to be especially concerned about schools and childcare centers for several reasons, including that children are often in close contact with one another and less likely to adhere to public health methods such as washing hands and not sharing water bottles, children, especially those under the age of two, are particularly at risk because many of them have not yet finished their vaccinations, and thus this is the reason for the outbreak of symptoms between them.

The authorities must make decisions to isolate children who have been in contact with a person with an infectious disease. They should also consider several other factors when making decisions to isolate people after an outbreak,These risks include the risk of infection, its transmission methods, and its aggressiveness, in which case children are protected from the risk of infection and the virus.

Each of the school's personnel should take a heat test every day to prevent the transmission of infection to the children and exclude all those who have symptoms similar to the symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Other Corona Virus Prevention

There is currently no vaccine to prevent corona virus infection, so the best way to avoid the virus is to avoid exposure to the virus, so here are some ways you can keep your family healthy and prevent the spread of viruses:

  • Ask your family to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least twenty minutes, and in the event that soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Make sure to keep your children away from other patients and keep them at home if they are sick.
  • Teach children to cough and sneeze using tissue paper not on their hands.
  • Clean and disinfect household items and surfaces frequently and repeatedly.
  • Avoid traveling to China.
  • When cooking make sure that the food, fruits, vegetables and other foods are safe and clean. Use cutting boards after sterilizing them, along with the sterilizing of knives.
  • Wash your hands when handling raw meat and make sure to cook meat and eggs well.
  • Buy cotton masks to cover your nose and mouth to protect your family if they come into contact with someone who has corona virus.
  • If anyone in your family feels unwell, contact a doctor immediately.

The information mentioned in the article is provided as it is, it aims to raise awareness and provide information in a simple manner, but it does not mean consulting a doctor.

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